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Pinckneys have been distilling great spirits for more than two Centuries, although most were probably doing rather more consuming than producing and sadly now the price is somewhat higher than in the 1800s, but in starting Pinckneys Gin in the UK, we are simply following in our ancestral footsteps, focusing on producing a quality product in time-honoured fashion.

Our Philosophy is focussed on producing fine quality spirits in a manner which reflects our family’s long history and strong values, embodying a desire to act honourably in all our activities, supporting Britain and our Environment in the process – hence our motto Strength & Honour!


Our Spirits feature a “Collection” of six fine smooth Gins crafted in a Traditional, Distinctive and Sustainable manner, for which we have won a number of Gold and Silver Medals @ IWSC 2018.  In addition, we are hoping to stock a great tasting Bourbon shortly and raise additional funding to start distilling and maturing our own Sassenach Whisky!

Our Aims are to develop Pinckneys Gin as a premium spirits brand, supporting British jobs and sport in the process, and to nurture our landscape as a special place for Wildlife and ultimately, as a Destination for all to enjoy.


Our Business is Situated at the heart of our small 67-acre Farm located in South Shropshire, which we now run as a Wildlife Habitat, having planted some 10,000 trees and 3 miles of new hedgerows.


Our Mission is to grow Pinckneys Gin as a successful enterprise and demonstrate how Business and Nature can work in harmony together, each supporting the other in a Virtuous Circle of mutual benefit, enhancing our Environment and Supporting British Wildlife in the process.



Your Support is much appreciated and is helping us achieve our Mission!

Our Clients include a number of great Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Farm Shops and Premium Hotels.

So, when we say we are crafting our Spirits in a Sustainable Manner, we mean it and hope you enjoy our great aromas and sterling flavours, glad in the knowledge that in supporting us you are also supporting jobs, sport and wildlife in our British Shires. 


Strength & Honour


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