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open farm gate in the sunset

Environmental Policy

Our commercial philosophy of Strength & Honour mirrors the manner in which we treat wildlife and the environment.  Our waste mash is not discarded after distillation, but transformed into pig feed.  We use recycled products where possible and we have planted 10,000 trees on our 65-acre farm in Shropshire to offset the carbon produced by our business activities, becoming one of the few carbon-positive companies in The World.

Our Farm and Wildlife Habitat

The woodland project has helped us to transform the look, feel and nature of our land and we are now fully committed to the concept of running the whole farm as a wildlife habitat, turning the arable fields to grass and planting some 2 miles of new hedgerows, creating a more sustainable and balanced landscape of permanent Grass Paddocks, Park and Woodland.

The absence of pesticides benefits the invertebrate and insect populations and we now have a thriving wildlife base including an abundance of small mammals, grass snakes, bats, deer and hares, which are rare in this part of England.

We are also lucky enough to have an assortment of game and small birds, owls, goshawks, kites, buzzards and even Ravens, which “Summer” with us every year and whose Kraa Kraa call might, I feel, be somewhat similar to that of the mythological Gryffin, depicted by our family crest.

Other Conservation Projects

In addition to our habitat management efforts at home, we are also working closely with The Woodcock Trust to help promote the conservation of this special little bird, which is now under pressure in many areas of the UK and we donate 50 pence to this enterprise, from the sale of each and every 70cl bottle of Premium London Dry and Oak aged Gin.

We have also set aside 100 x 50cl bottles of our Sloe Berry Gin, which may be won by any Member of The Woodcock Trust, subject to Terms and Conditions.  Please visit the website for further information