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Pouring a gin cocktail at a bar

Become an Investor

Charles Pinckney is, by profession, a qualified Chartered Surveyor, but has long had a hankering to make his own gin under his family name.  Trademarking the name of PINCKNEYS under alcoholic beverages in 2013 was the start of a 4-year journey “tinkering” with the design, story and logo and indeed the testing of many samples of gin!

PINCKNEYS GIN Ltd was finally established in September of 2017, once Charles felt that the product, story and design were complete; and now 30% of the equity has now been sold to friends and family as Core Investors, to help fund the initial launch.

There are currently 15 Core Investors including Charles Pinckney.  The Company has no bank debt, but does have a small loan from Charles Pinckney.

The loan and equity capital has raised enough funding to cover initial production costs, licensing, design work, packaging, some limited “Sponsorship”, corporate and accountancy needs and additional trademarking fees.

The company has now produced some 1,900 bottles of gin, under a range of four different labels and is currently engaged in selling this stock, mainly to friends, family, on-line via the website and to and through a number of wholesale and retail outlets.

We will be trying to raise our on-line profile through social media and by making press releases from time to time.

In addition, Pinckneys Gin is sponsoring a few sporting persons and The Woodcock Trust (see website).  The Company will also be seeking new “Ambassador” marketing opportunities moving forwards.

We are studying the possibility of raising an additional £150,000 of new equity capital to:

  • Build a small “Gin Shed” and Office on the farm to help our logistics and business operations in general.
  • Produce a larger number of bottle runs to drive down unit costs.
  • Produce and add 2 more bespoke Gins to our existing range.
  • Expand our product range to include a White Rum and a Bourbon.
  • Produce and store in casks for maturation (in a bonded warehouse), an English whisky.
  • Undertake additional trademarking.
  • Rent a small suitable local warehouse.

We are considering raising such capital via the creation and sale of a further 30% equity priced at £5,000 per each 1%.  In effect, this will involve the issuance of 30 new shares.

The issuance will be offered under SEIS terms.

The offer will be made once shareholders have approved such an offer and dilution being made.

SEIS & EIS status provides new investors with significant taxation benefits.

The offer will commence, once approval for such SEIS status has been granted; although only shares which are not taken up by existing shareholders will be available for acquisition by new investors.

All shares will be offered for sale under the same terms and basis (other than price) as the first initial offering, so that on completion of such sale, Charles Pinckney will own 56% of the Company and the shareholders the remaining 44%, all having equal voting rights and carrying equal dividend entitlements.

If you are interested in investing, please contact Charles Pinckney direct.

All investors benefit from a 10% discount for each and every purchase.  This is effectively a lifelong “debenture”, but may not be transferred with the sale of shares, the passing of equity as a gift; nor inheritance of all or any shares, without the express, written consent of the CEO.

Strength & Honour

Charles W Pinckney MRICS