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Gin cocktails

Our Cocktails

The Ginlisicious!

2 parts Pinckneys Signature Gin,

1 part Cointreau,

1 part freshly squeezed and filtered  grapefruit Juice!

Heavily Shaken over ice.

The Fat Dog

Pinckneys Rhubarb & Ginger Gin (not made yet!!),

Cointreau and fresh lime!

Shaken over ice!.. Woof!!

The Sassy Bitch

Pinckneys Classic,

Fresh Lime,

splash of sugar syrup,


served over ice with slices of lime

Pinckneys Martini

Ice into Cocktail Shaker,

cover ice in Martini – tip out Martini and Splash in the Pinckneys !.

always “Shaken not stirred”!!

Serve with twist of Grapefruit or lime Peel (for signature) lemon (for Classic) or with delicious green olives on a stick!.

Shake hard for 2 minutes and serve in Y – shaped glass.